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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News, old and new

I'm full of old news lately, but hell - it's never a bad time for those funny comic book covers. "Superman Is a Dick", aka, has really brought some light in my life and now it's time to share a couple favorites.

Jesus CHRIST! What sick fucker actually drew Spidey getting power-fisted by a villain?!


I discovered another super-cool website yesterday, while searching for guitar tabs for "City Boy" by Keb' Mo' (which I found). It's the Acoustic Player Magazine online forums, full of guitar players of all shapes and sizes, asking questions and helping other folks out and just generally creating an awesome resource for anyone interested in the instrument.

In particular I wanna give a shout-out to Doug "Little Brother" Jones, who not only answered somebody's question about how to play the song with a full tablature, but made a home video (which he posted for download) that showed him giving a mini-lesson on how to play the song with a couple different picking styles.

Turns out he's got a website with a whole bunch more guitar lessons and MP3 files and such, and if any of the rest of his lessons are as righteous as his "City Boy" lesson, they're well worth the cash.



You know, I don't care what Graeme says - Mark Millar is a hell of a storyteller. One of my favorite things about Millarworld is the occasional story from his own life, such as today's adventure punching a fox:

Okay, wife and daughter out at the pictures and I'm downstairs two mins ago on a tea-break and I look out into the garden and see a big fox on top of the rabbit-run I made for the bunnies. This fucker's been kicking around here for a while and I've seen him sloping through all the gardens, but he's literally on top of the thing I built and the rabbits are screaming this high pitched screech I've never heard before.

Anyway, I run out into the garden and the fox just looks at me, not even taking off. This ain't the cute Rufus The Fox we know and love with a nice, shiny tail. This is a filthy flea-bitten thing and it's snarling at the rabbits. Instinctively, I just punched it really hard and sent it hurling across the garden and then chased it over the back fence screaming "Get tae fuck, ye bastard!" at the top of my voice.

Man, I'd love the opportunity to punch the shit out of a small animal with total moral impunity... but around San Francisco, there's no way I'd get away with it.


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