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Monday, June 26, 2006


Congratulations today to Neil Kleid, writer of Ninety Candles and Brownsville, among others, on his wedding today. In the spirit of the day, I will refrain from all jokes about it, including gay marriage jokes and "I fucked your wife" jokes. None of that.

Instead, I will simply send my best wishes to a fine writer and raise my glass to the pair of ya.


Congratulations also to Jason Rodriguez, who apparently is engaged to a total badass. Anybody with a story about how their best gal punched a dude in the face has done something right.


Congratulations also to myself, for learning that Sean Phillips has a blog with lots of art samples all over the place. Much love to Mo, queen of the comics internet, for drawing my attention thither.


Congratulations finally to Marvel Comics, for beating their own record and announcing Ultimates 4 (Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness) before the last issue of Ultimates 2 has even been solicited.

I'll go ahead and sum up the response for you:

"Ed McGuinness? That sounds great!"

"Why the fuck are they telling us about this now?"

And there you go. Me, I think it'll be good, though I'd still like to see McGuinness do maybe a short run on The Incredible Hulk in the meantime.


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