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Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, I'll be.

Mmm. Lot goin' on. But there always is, isn't there? A lot goin' on.

So, everyone's all excited about the New York con, the actual name of which I don't even know. 'Cause fuck New York.

(Lord, I'm territorial lately, aren't I?)

But there were some exciting announcements, and some other cool shit going on over the weekend.

ITEM! Turns out Mike Carey's getting an ongoing gig as the new writer of Ultimate Fantastic Four, along with recent collaborator Pascual Ferry, picking up with issue #33 after Mark Millar's run with Greg Land. I hugely enjoyed Carey's two-issue fill-in story in UFF, though I was less impressed with his recent Ultimate X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover mini (with its ending taken right out of Millar's "Earth Inferno" arc in The Authority), but the cosmic angle they're teasing (Carey's take on Thanos oughtta be good) and the fact that it's just the FF makes me happier. I'm looking forward to this.

ITEM! Richard Starkings - whose beloved Hip Flask series I talked about back in August - is bringing a monthly prequel series called Elephantmen to Image Comics, with a collection of artists that includes Justin "Moritat" Norman, Henry Flint, Tom Scioli, Duncan Rouleau, David Hine, and Chris Bachalo.

I mean, holy shit.

According to the Hip Flask site, the new series'll launch in July, with #1 clocking in at 36 pages for a scant three bucks. Expect this one to go on my pull list without hesitation.

ITEM! "Whilce has finished a ton of issues," [Jim] Lee remarked, when asked about Wetworks, and the series is scheduled to launch in the summer. No kidding. This was announced, like, two years ago. Three? Like, the last time the WildStorm line got revamped? Well, at least it's among stronger contenders now - frankly, I can't wait to see all these titles launch.

ITEM! I'm happy to hear that When put to the audience for a vote, the room voted overwhelmingly in favor to a New Frontier Absolute Edition (by Darwyn Cooke), which neither Levitz nor Wayne denied would be happening. 'Cause, frankly, I sat that one out when I learned they were splitting the story into two $20 trades.

ITEM! Further, in the same panel, Dan Didio "confirmed... they felt [artist George] Perez would be better suited to launch the upcoming Brave & Bold series to be written by Mark Waid." I was excited about this when it was first mentioned (several months ago... was it San Diego?), but adding Perez just sweetens the pot.

ITEM! Looks like a lot of people are having similar experiences to mine with Mouse Guard #1, if the MillarWorld thread is any indication. Nice to see such a great series getting some love!

ITEM! Is this news? This is news, right? That Neil Gaiman's new project will be The Eternals, for Marvel, with John Romita Jr. doing the art? I mean, I sure haven't heard about it before, but sometimes I miss these things. Sounds promising - I'll be really curious to see how that creative team responds to each other. Kinda makes me wish I knew anything about the Eternals.

ITEM! Some new Vertigo projects on their way, though only one looks like my cup of tea. I'm not real interested in "the heart of a struggling writer, just coming off a doomed romance" (why do writers always think writers make interesting characters?) or "the battle for racial justice" (Kyle Baker's excellent Nat Turner aside), but Cameron Stewart drawing a Vietnam story featuring "one of the most visceral scripts [Vertigo editor Will Dennis] ever read" sounds like it might be right up my alley. I'm hoping not to have The Other Side present another "Iraq is the new Vietnam" argument, but if the loose story outline they described at the panel is any indication, I won't have to worry about that too much.

And Cameron Stewart, apparently, "flew over to Vietnam after San Diego to get reference images and fire an AK-47 and crawl through Viet-Cong tunnels."

Which makes this sound even better. Whew. This could really kick ass...

ITEM! Ah, finally, a release date for the Fables graphic novel. October, they say. They also let us know that Fables' cover artist, James Jean, will actually do a sequential story for the collection, which sounds mighty fun.

ITEM! Official word is that Paul Smith will be the new ongoing artist on Dan Slott's excellent She-Hulk series. Who the hell is Paul Smith? I ask myself - a Google tells me he's worked on X-Men, Nexus, Dr. Strange and Iron Man, but I still don't really get a feel for his style - can anyone link me to some pages? Also looks like Slott will write a one-shot, coming in June, about She-Hulk supporting character Two Gun Kid (with artist Eduardo Barretto), which sounds just fine to me. An Eric Powell cover don't hurt, neither.


Those are the bits that have me excited. Some of that DCU stuff bores me to tears just trying to read it... man, some of these comics people are fucking nerds! Anyway, that's me for today. PEACE!


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