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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Comics Day!

And yet, I won't make it into the store until tomorrow, having slept like a lazy ass until 1:00 in the afternoon today.

But, at least there are only five books I'm picking up this week.

But, they're five books I'm extremely excited about.

Legion Of Super-Heroes #15 (DC) will likely set the stage for the next mega-arc of the series. I always enjoy this book and look forward to a new momentum building.

Lucifer #71 (DC), oh lord, what can I say? I've been following the book faithfull since around issue #14, and it's my favorite Vertigo book since Preacher. One of the best books on the stands, winding up to the conclusion in issue #75... mixed feelings, there, with my excitement to see how everything's gonna wrap up tempered by a sadness that the book will soon be leaving my monthly reading list. The old saying comes to mind, "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go."

Solo #9 (DC) features the artwork of Scott Hampton, who did the Batman: Gotham County Line mini with Steve Niles. I didn't catch that one, but I'm always curious where an issue of Solo's gonna go and this one's no exception. I like how this series balances artists I know and love with those that I'm introduced to by the series itself; makes it an engaging book that pays off in several ways, doesn't it?

Portent #1 (Image) just looks really fucking pretty. No idea what it's got going on beyond that, but it's enough for me to try.

Thing #4 (Marvel) continues what, I'm beginning to think, is the best Fantastic Four book on the market. Dan Slott writes the character just as I think he ought to be written, and I'm surprised by how much I'm enjoying Andrea DiVito's artwork - I wasn't sure the fit would be right, after DiVito's more serious style on the Ragnarok storyline he did on Thor (with Oeming writing), but it's been perfect, I think - his take on the idol o' millions is pretty damned appealing.

Then there's Mouse Guard #1 (Archaia Studio Press), which I singled out a few times last week. Everything about this one, from the artwork to the high concept to the cover layouts, has me totally juiced. Can't wait to see what's cooking here.


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