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Monday, February 13, 2006


So. WonderCon, eh? Did anybody else have an awesome fucking time at the post-con Eric Powell party at Isotope on Saturday?

'Cause boy, I sure did.


"Deconstructionism is over," Morrison was quoted as saying by Hilary Goldstein, who went on to explain that "[t]he heroes have been broken down and now it's time for writers to put them back together."

It's nice to hear that, even if Kurt Busiek's been doing it for at least ten years; in the introduction to the first Astro City collection, for example, he wrote, "it strikes me that the only real reason to take apart a pocket watch, or a car engine, aside from the simple delight of disassembly, is to find out how it works. To understand it, so that you can put it back together again better than before, or build a new one that goes beyond what the old model could do."

Of course, the whole deconstruction of super-heroes thing was kicked off by Frank Miller and Alan Moore, who both have often seemed to harbor something like resentment towards the super-hero concept in the first place - you gotta wonder if they really cared about rebuilding - but where does that leave us?


Yeah, I think we figured this one out for ourselves: "Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion’s proposed City of Lights is on hold according to Berger, due to their busy schedules."

City of Lights? Name change from just City Lights, or is that a typo?


Wasn't really interested in Gilbert Hernandez' new Vertigo project at first, as his last Vertigo book (Grip, wasn't it?) left me pretty cold, but the description of Sloth really tickled my imagination when Newsarama fleshed it out a little:

"Sloth is a July original hardcover graphic novel... about a teenager who escapes his miserable life by willing himself into a yearlong coma. When he awakens, he can move only at a snail's pace and becomes a walking urban legend."

Seems pretty ripe with possibilities, doesn't it?


Well, well, well!

"The Goon's Eric Powell... will be contributing to Bongo Comics' next Treehouse of Horror book," will he?

That's fucking great! I can't wait.


Boom! Studios announced one book in particular that has me curious, because it seems like Kody Chamberlain - an artist I didn't know at all until last week - is popping up everywhere! Should be fun to see what he does with this arrival, working with Keith Giffen on a mini called Tag.


From the Image panel, I'm most interested in the formal announcement of Jason Rand and Juan Ferreyra's next project:

"The Small Gods team... are teaming on Emissary, a Shadowline title created by Jim Valentino. 'It's a re-examination of the super-hero,' said Image's Jim Demonakos, 'and how the real world would react to a super-human.'"

...which isn't too far a cry from the world-building element that worked so well in Small Gods, so I'm excited to see where they'll go with it.


Also fun to hear that "A big change is coming in Noble Causes, leading to the series' 25th issue." One of the really fun things about the book - as Randy Lander used to point out was true of Fables - is that the writer has no reservations about upsetting the book's status quo.


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