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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rumors, Suicides and Punishments

So I'm hearing a rumor...

...that Renee Montoya will be Batwoman in an upcoming series.

Which, I have to admit, I would buy if Greg Rucka was on board as the writer. Kinda makes sense, given where he's recently left the character.


A few weeks ago I reviewed a new indie comic called 7 Days To Fame. In my review of issue #1, I wondered:

Will the series become a moral finger-waver, letting us know that television is exploitative and shallow? Or will it revel in the premise a bit - try to answer the question, "What kind of suicides would you watch?"

I recently received issue #2 and am honing in on an answer, but it's still not completely clear, and the series has actually surprised me a bit.

The story's shaping into something a bit more personal than I'd expected - not so much about exploiting the premise (though there's a fun two-page spread featuring "man on the street"-style answers to the question, "How would you kill yourself?") and neither so much about moral hystrionics as it is about the lives of the characters involved; how do they justify or judge themselves?

The kicker, though, is the cliffhanger here. The Angry (Hugely Successful) Racecar Driver comes into play in a way I half-expected, but the development of his character thus far has been rather sleight-of-hand; I feel like I'm looking at one thing while the trick's being played somewhere else.

It's a curious feeling; I'm certainly intrigued to see where this is all going when the series concludes next issue.


Yesterday I mentioned that I'm thinking of picking up Ennis' Punisher MAX regularly after the strength of the latest arc. Art in the coming arc will be by Goran Parlov, a Croatian artist who's worked recently on Y: The Last Man and one of the Black Widow minis. Taking a look for other work by Parlov, I came across this sample page that I thought was pretty cool. And so, here I am, sharing.

I've got no idea where this is from; anybody who cares to let me know will win a No-Prize!



  • At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    at a glance that looks like it's probably from Blueberry by Giraud..(you know the name Mobius uses for his western series..)


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