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Friday, January 27, 2006

My pretties...

You know what made me laugh today?

Cartoons aren't libelous, Woozy, because cartoons are clearly not real. Only an idiot would debate the plausibility of a comic book story.


Ah, turns out the Eric Powell event at Isotope will also feature DJ SamSupa. Hmm. I'll have to wear a vest or something, in case he pulls another knife on me.

Or maybe I'll just have to keep my big, drunk mouth shut about the ***s...


Whew, I know I said I wish Sam Keith would work with another writer, but I've got no fucking complaints about this kinda shit:

Y'know, I'd have thought that Kieth collaborating with someone would be a bad idea, art-wise, but his stuff with this Josh Hagler guy has been really fantastic. Ojo was Kieth's best book since The Maxx, you ask me. So My Inner Bimbo is something I'll be looking forward to.


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