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Monday, January 16, 2006

Milligan, Richardson and Rand

Well, now this is more like it! Peter Milligan closes the interview with an announcement that gives me that little comics tingle:

I hope to be working with Axel Alonso on something soon, but that’s probably a little early to be going into detail about. What is firmed up is a project I am doing with Wildstorm. This is called THE PROGRAMME and is a kind of post cold-war superhero dark thriller. Kind of Noam Chomsky meets The Fantastic Four as imagined by Doctor Strangelove. It’s a twelve part maxi series and I’m excited about it.

I'm not really into Milligan's politicizing, but he tends to do his best work within that template. Can't wait for this. Hell, I might even give his X-Men run a second shot when the Apocalypse story arc is collected - I always liked that villain.


Sweet Jesus! Josh Richardson's flatting pages from The Goon? That's fucking awesome. I can't believe I know that guy.


Small Gods #12 closes out the ongoing incarnation of the series in style. While the horny chicks banging the hell out of our male heroes is getting a little old hat, the characterization of the villain (and the moral muddiness of our hero) remain razor sharp, and the interior art takes yet another leap forward - the layout that follows the insane murdering woman around town and through the hallways of her own mind, and the sequence in which she turns an entire crowd of passersby into a mob directed at Our Hero, are inventive and kinetic uses of the page.

The explanation of why The Villain (a rogue black ops assassin) is so broken is fascinating reading: "Imagine being an empath who can feel the emotions of anyone within a couple of miles. Then imagine making them all feel hate, or despair, or rage, or agony - while you feel it along with them. Imagine killing all those people... while you're wallowing in their emotions. How balanced do you think you'd be?" Rand brings his sharp ear for dialogue to a new plateau here with really imaginitive role playing and exploring new facets of the premise he's set for the book.

I'm looking hugely forward to the two-issue Small Gods mini-series debuting in March, and to more installments hopefully to come. But if this is the end, I have to say I'm glad the series came out at all, and introduced me to two important new creators in the comics industry.
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