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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Oh, my goodness.

I've gotta get out of the house.

Like, right now.

Oh, plus, for those who think by now that all I listen to is wimpy fiddle music (and you can suck my dick anyway, because bluegrass and folk and country are all fucking deadly music), I give you this masterpiece:

That's right.

Cryptopsy. The greatest death metal band in history.

They're back. With original vocalist Lord Worm. It's called Once Was Not.

I haven't been listening to a lot of extreme metal lately (kinda broke my heart when Nasum's Mieszko Talarczyk died in the tsunamis last year), but when I found out that Cryptopsy had returned after five years of studio silence, I had to check this out.

This music will fuck you up. Grow a pair and buy a copy.


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