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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I feel like complete shit, Ferris.

Called in sick to Quality Control yesterday... or, wait, did I just not show up AND forget to call? I'm still feeling like the shit scraped out of someone's boot heels.

On the plus side, three comics are coming out today that I'm totally psyched about.

First is Nat Turner #2, by the inimitable Kyle Baker. This pantomime tale of a slave revolt in the American south is already a captivating read, and we haven't even really gotten into the titular character's life yet! Can't wait to get to this one.

And then there's the return of Hard Time, which I wrote about back when it was solicited... still excited to see this excellent series return.

And finally, Rock 'n' Roll, a one-shot by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, the brilliant Brazilian artistic team I discovered mostly through Moon's work on Smoke And Guns.

Hooray! Let's hope I survive to read them.


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