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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hell yeah, Wednesdays are great!


Along with the McCourt book (which I’m loving), I got The Art of Contemporary Travis Picking, a guitar instruction book by Mark Hanson. Excited about that; I’ve been picking up the ol’ guitar a lot lately, but all I can do is strum. Did a little research looking for a good instructional source, and this looked like the best one. I can’t wait to get started.

Also, I love playing boss dice at work. I’ve been doing it a lot lately; it’s a fuckin’ blast. Always puts cash in the register, always gets things lively and fun, gets people talking to each other, especially in big rounds of Odd Man Out. The odds of losing and having to buy the round get smaller and smaller as the risk gets bigger, so why not join in? The best part (for me) is that I don’t have to personally risk a damn thing. Dice playin’ seems to be endorsed by the managers, so I won’t be getting in any hot water, and if I lose I just call it a comp and pour some free drinks for some happy-ass customers.

Man, oh man, Molly made some pimpin’ dinner last night. How come it never occurred to me to boil the garlic right in the same pot with the mashed potatoes?

Comics, then: I know the big buzz today is gonna be all about All Star Superman, and yeah, I’m excited about that, but hold on a second. There’s also Books of Doom, Ed Brubaker’s history of Doctor Doom. Everyone here has read Sleeper, right? (If the answer’s no, you need to correct yourself and pick up some trades.) So you know how gut-punchingly incredible Ed’s work with arch villains can be? Yeah, I’ve been hungry for this one since Wizard hinted at it last year.

Ah, but that’s not all. Today also brings the first issue of Dan Slott’s new series, The Thing. Slott’s proven himself a hell of a writer over the last few years (though I thought GLA was kinda weak, he’s still on my "auto-pull" list, which is a short list), and I think his sense of fun, adventurousness, and humor will all fit perfectly with "Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew." I’m on kind of a Ben Grimm kick anyway lately, what with the release of Essential Marvel Two-In-One, so I’m totally juiced to read this.

Oh, and I got the strangest spam today:

braise packing necrophiliac spangle
occurring opportunistic mountainsides practised
unchain woodpecker trapper spaced

EDIT: Oh, hot damn! They’re putting Greg Pak on The Incredible Hulk! The “Planet Hulk” premise doesn’t sound spectacular, in the “nothing will ever be the same!”, crossovery kind of sense, but Pak’s done some really solid work over the last few years, and the premise does sound like fun, and the Hulk’s been way too serious for the last few years – we need some crazy alien monsters and Hulk-with-an-axe in the mix. I’ll be looking forward to this.


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  • At 10:37 AM, Blogger murm said…

    you inspired me to make mashed potatoes that night, with boiling the garlic & everything. they came out really smooth & good, although i think i might have boiled it all too long & took too much of the strength out of the garlic.

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