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Monday, November 28, 2005

A healthy smattering

ITEM!: The brilliant Mr. Phil Hester will be doing a chat on CBR at 5:00 Pacific time, today, I understand. With a new Marvel project to be announced, perhaps.

ITEM!: So, everyone has seen this movie, of course?

If not, I implore that you do. A Thousand Clowns is an all-time favorite, inspiring, charismatic, hysterical, classy. As the good Mr. Josh Richardson told me after he saw Walk The Line, "It really lights a fire under your ass."

ITEM!: That's something I really like about Richardson. He's always getting a fire lit under his ass. By all kinds of things and people. Personally, I'd love to see his glorious return to internet columnity. Everyone remembers In The Trenches, how much fun that was, how informative? That behind-the-scenes action? That blood, that verve? That enthusiasm? We're sorely missing such voices on the comics internet right about now.

ITEM!: Courtesy of Tim Timmer, I bring you the World's Ugliest Dog. This is not a giant rat, and it is not a special effect for a movie. It is not Jason Rodriguez (though the semblance is more than passing). This is a real dog.


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