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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Friday night's all right, and She-Hulk smash!!

ITEM!: Ah, wonderful! JH Williams III will be at the Isotope on Friday. I haven't been to an Isotope party in a while, so this'll be just the ticket. Be nice to meet that fellow - I haven't been picking up the title, on Ellis-overload as I am, but I've looked through it and the art is spectacular.

ITEM!: For those of you who are even close to being the kind of insane, fanatical Tom Waits fan that I am, The Eyeball Kid is a great blog. Not a daily read, as there's not really constant news pouring out about the man, but definitely something to keep on the radar. Tour rumors keep bubbling up...

ITEM!: You know what book really returned to form last week? She-Hulk.

Fuckin' She-Hulk? Are you damaged?

Well, yeah, but we've been over that already. Seriously, writer Dan Slott's done something pretty special with the b-list hero, as folks remember from the twelve-issue run he did last year. The "Season II"-style relaunch didn't wow me quite as I'd built it up in my mind, but issue #2, released just last Wednesday, is exactly what I remember loving about this series.

Awesome Andy on a secret mission. A relationship between She-Hulk and Hawkeye that actually addresses both characters' specific personalities and how those might interact. Vaudevillian "who's on first?"-type jokes. Character-revealing sex talk. A really clever, rich time travel story, complete with paradox. Moral quandries and emotional reactions (Jen's single tear was a great moment). Giant spidery robot. Crazy giant arrows that confuse me a bit (do they expand after Hawkeye shoots 'em?). Tough choices and tricky consequences. A bang-up cliffhanger ending leaving me super-hungry for the next issue.

All this in 22 pages. All drawn by the amazing Juan Bobillo, who continues to build a style and visual voice for the book that makes it completely unique on the comics racks.

God damn, this is good comics. I laughed, I cried, I cheered.

ITEM!: From a new co-worker and drinking buddy:

Here's to the girls who do,
And here's to the girls who won't.
Here's to the girls who say they will,
But in the end they don't.
And here's to the girls that I like best,
And tell me if I'm right:
To the girls who say, "I never do,
But for you I think I might."


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Mark Fossen said…

    Am I brain damaged?

    Am I the only one completely lost by what happened with Pug/Jameson/Jen? I puzzled through that a few times, and never figured it out, and was left with a bad response to the issue as a whole.

    Jen and Pug are roommates and lovers? Then she apologizes to him for making too much noise? I just got lost - maybe because I haven't read volume 1?

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger jmduguay said…

    I was confused the first time I read it too, but it's purposeful misdirection.

    We are expected to believe she's sleeping with Pug since they went back home together last issue. (One thing that was establised in Vol.1 is that Pug has a huge crush on Jen.)

    So we believe that until the moment Jameson shows up at breakfast...

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Mark Fossen said…

    We are expected to believe she's sleeping with Pug since they went back home together last issue.
    Doesn't the page before breakfast show them going to bed? The discussion about her switching from Shulkie to Jen?


    Got out the issue, and re-read. Since the caption says "home to Jen and Pug", I assumed Pug was the man in the bathroom. His face is never shown, and his name isn't mentioned.


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