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Monday, December 12, 2005


Hey, I still haven't gotten my comics from last week! What the fuck am I doing writing a blog entry instead of just going down to the store and picking up my shit?

Well, I just don't know. So I'll tell y'all a couple things and then split, 'cause lord knows when my next chance to pick up my comics is gonna come.

Re-read Ennis and Robertson's Fury last night as I was going to sleep. Man, fuck George Clooney, that humorless shitpile: this was a fun goddamn book! I'll be looking forward to the team's reuniting on an earlier Fury tale later this year... (though I still just want my goddamn City Lights, Garth! What's the deal?!?)

DC's solicits for March are up now, and it's nice to see Becky Cloonan's finally back, with American Virgin #1 - I've been missing her since Demo concluded. Not sure how I feel about Steven T. Seagle; I haven't actually finished it's a bird... yet, somehow it didn't grab me. But between Cloonan and the Frank Quitely cover I'm sure to at least try this series out.

Finally: it occurs to me I'm really going to need to re-read Scott Morse's Soulwind sometime soon and give it a little talking-up here at Quality Control. I picked it up last year after reading Randy's review, and while ol' Randy and I have kinda diverged in our tastes since then I'm just glad as hell he gave this one such a convincing sell.

I've got a shower to take and comics to buy. I'll see y'all tomorrow!


  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Ian said…

    That Quietly fella draws the freakiset looking tongue in the world...

    ...and that's why I like him!


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