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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hold your breath, we swingin' it from right to left

You know what made me laugh today?

The Isotope's weekly reading list staff photos. James probably had to work harder on last week's installment, which was righteous as well, but this week's just cracked me up.


Oh, wait! HOLY SHIT! Eric Powell's gonna be at the Isotope!!! I just noticed that. Saturday, February 11th 2006. FUCK. I guess I know where I'm gonna be. Can't wait to meet the guy... I'm a huge fan.


After a conversation with some friends about Who The Best Rappers Are, I just recently went back and listened to a few of my Busta Rhymes albums.

Man, Busta is The Greatest. His raps aren't (usually) as emotionally powerful as, say, Tupac or DMX, and his rhymes aren't as dazzlingly complex as Eminem's, but for straight-ahead rap delivery, I don't think there's anyone better. His charisma, voice, rhythm, diction, dynamics... it's just the most amazingly dextrous rapping I've ever heard.

Weird thing is, when his career started, he was putting out about one album every year. But since his It Ain't Safe No More album in 2002, nothing. What happened, man?

Well, now I know.

Busta's new album, The Big Bang, is sounding pretty goddamn incredible.

"With the significant caliber of people that came through to support this project, in addition to me having three years to just brainstorm with [Dr. Dre], I got to learn a lot," he said. "I got to condition myself on how I'mma come at the game in a new and a different way. I think that patience was my best weapon this time around, because I was able to have some things fall in my lap."

We're looking at some guest-appearances by Stevie Wonder, Rick James (R.I.P.), Ol' Dirty Bastard (R.I.P.) and Eminem (R.I.P.), and beats from Dr. Dre, Timbaland, the Neptunes, Erick Sermon and Swizz Beatz.

For fuck's sake. I'm not usually big on guest-appearances on rap CDs - it's usually a distraction from the 'voice' of the record, and more often than not it's some second-stringer with no standout talent who just got on the record because he's somebody's friend - but these are all people I'll be glad to see on the album, and I'm excited by the idea that Busta's been working on developing his style.

If you check out his official site, you can hear advance tracks and see videos and all kinds of shit. Watch out for the forum, though - that shit is dangerous.


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