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Monday, October 17, 2005

Top Shelf Week: Big-ass sale!

Well, you can imagine my pleasure to find this particular e-mail in the old inbox over the weekend, from the gentle Mr. Chris Staros over at Top Shelf Comix:

Hey Comics Fans,

For the next ten days -- from Saturday, October 15th thru Tuesday, October 25th -- Top Shelf is having a giant web sale. -- Not only to celebrate all the big summer releases you may or may not have picked up already (Tricked, Box Office Poison, The King, Spiral-Bound, AEIOU, The Surrogates, Super F*ckers, & World War 3 Illustrated #36: NeoCons), but also to (honestly) raise the money to finish paying off all the printing bills and get the royalty checks out to the cartoonists. -- When you visit the site, you'll find over 80 (mostly new) graphic novels and comics on sale, with many marked down to just $5, $3, and even $1! All we ask is that you hit a $30 minimum on sale and/or non-sale items (before shipping). It's a great opportunity to load up on all those graphic novels you've wanted to try, but just never got around to picking up. Get 'em while supplies last!

There are a few big surprises on the list, so click here to see all the sale items on a single web page:

Please note that this sale is GOOD for "direct market" retailers as well, and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on these sale prices. Certain minimums apply, so retailers please email us for details.

What's particularly funny about this is I was just about to embarc on another "theme week" here at Quality Control - a week of reviews of Top Shelf books.

Stick around - I'm aiming to get the first review up later today. I've read some really killer stuff lately and I'm psyched to get this puppy started.


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