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Friday, October 14, 2005

Daniel Craig: The new James Bond

Yeah, everyone's heard about this by now.

But, see, it was just a rumor before, and now it's fact.

And for the first time ever, I'm interested in the new James Bond movie. Because Daniel Craig is awesome, and because I think there might be something new happening here.

See, there's always been a subtext - somewhere in there, though I'm far from being a Bond expert so feel free to correct me - that James Bond is a big fat asshole. It gets kinda glossed over, because Bond has always been played by a dashing young star, a handsome man mostly there to be stylish and smooth and sexy.

Craig is a lot dirtier than anyone who's played Bond before, as far as I've seen. He's scarier. He's meaner. You've all seen Road to Perdition, right? I think the combination of stoicism, childish rage, and old fashioned presence he used to completely steal that movie is gonna make the Bond movies nice and dark.

Who gives a shit if he's a misogynist. Craig's Bond is gonna be downright scary.

And that's the only thing that could get me interested.

Happy days.

Oh, also: Cliff Chiang drew a one-issue guest spot on Nightwing #113, which came out this week. I picked it up just for the art; somehow he's teamed up with Deathstroke's daughter, which I know nothing about, and her boots look kinda silly, but damn - beautiful stuff.

Take care, everyone. I'll be back (and hopefully at cask strength) on Monday.


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