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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Queen & Country: Rucka's best?

Just got finished last night reading the latest Queen & Country trade, "Operation: Saddlebag" (volume 7).

Can't write a lot - got an interview today I'm really excited about, and some phone calls and so on - but boy, this has been a cool series.

Sometimes Rucka pisses me off and confuses me with pages of dialogue in non-English languages and no translations - though, in these cases, it's usually reasonably clear what's happening anyway, thanks to his nimble artists - and sometimes the spyspeak leaves me in the dust with the ministry-of-x-y-z and the acronyms from hell, but this volume in particular was super-clear and fun. Tara Chase is a great character, but I also really dig Paul Crocker and look forward to the collections of the second and third Declassified series coming out.

Gail Simone's introduction here is one of the best I've ever read. Really incisive, thoughtful breakdown of what makes the series really shine.

There's a five-page preview on the Oni website here.

Been a little dry around here lately, I know, but I gots ta pay them bills, sister. Things should be pretty much back on track by the end of the week (fingers crossed) and I have an idea for next week I'm pretty excited about.
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