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Monday, October 10, 2005

Still Looking Monday: Blazer. Hell Blazer.

No time to talk. Today should be the most work-looking-packed day yet.

To clarify: no, I'm not out of work. Just looking for a second job. Which puts everything else in a weird position as I try to keep my schedule free for any new jobs I might get, but my current job wants me in on the odd extra day and, frankly, I need to be working at least four or five nights a week.

Anyway. Picked up Azzarello's first Hellblazer arc, "Hard Time", with Richard Corben art. I'll keep it 'cause Corben's a genius (several pages here I'd kill for), but I don't think Az is writing "my" Constantine.

Like James Bond. Everyone's got their favorite. Connery, Brosnan, that other guy. All of 'em did something a little different and the character's survived.

So, if you told me to pick my favorite, definitive John Constantine, I'm pretty sure I'd go with Ennis. I think the most recent story arc makes a pretty good argument for Mike Carey, but nobody's quite nailed what a moral quagmire ol' John is like that angry, drunken Irishman. I always loved how vicious the punishments were in that run for simply being John's friend, and John's various responses to that danger. He's a real bastard, here, but one you can understand.

Who's YOUR Constantine, and why?


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