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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Top Shelf Week: AEIOU Giveaway & Review

Since this is Top Shelf week, and today is New Comics Day, I'm gonna do my little part to help promote these books.

I've got one free copy of Jeffrey Brown's AEIOU (a.k.a. Any Easy Intimacy) to give to one Quality Control reader, and it's simple as pie to enter.

When you go to your local comics shop today, pick up one Top Shelf comic in your hands and flip through it. You don't have to read the whole thing, or even a set number of pages. Just pick it up and get an impression.

Then come comment here on Quality Control with a couple sentences about what your impression was.

I'll give you all this week to enter - everything up through midnight, next Wednesday (October 26th) will be put in a random drawing and the winner will be sent a free copy of AEIOU.

Simple as pie!

And if you're at all curious what to expect, you can read my review of the book at Bookshelf Comics here.


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