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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Check In

Lots more Top Shelf stuff coming, with reviews of Superfuckers #1, Tricked, and The King all on their way. Short answer is, they're all really good.

I'll try to review at least one of 'em tonight, but I've only got half-an-hour of free time between shifts today (including bus time), and I'm just not enough of a pound-it-out writer yet.

Plus, I'm sick, and I'm tired 'cause I woke up at 6:00 today after closing the restaurant last night. Whew. I'm having a ball with this stuff, but it makes it tough to do that daily blogging thing, don't it?

For an example of somebody kicking ass with the short entry, take a look at Larry Young's AiT blog today. It's fuckin' great.

Oh, and also, New Comics Day yesterday was the best one in a month or two. Shaolin Cowboy, The Walking Dead, Mike Carey totally on fire this month with killer issues of both Lucifer and Hellblazer, and a real fun book from Ross Richie's Boom! Studios, Giant Monster. Amazing week.


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