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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This week's stash - I'm on my way...

You know I haven't been to a comic book store in like three weeks? Life is insane.

'Course, the reason for LAST week was pretty good. Sitting in a hammock, rocking in the gentle breeze, sipping ice-cold beers to cool off from the sun, reading an ambling southern novel, munching on sliced ham and swiss cheese and potato chips when I got hungry... man, vacations are awesome.

But now I'm back and probably looking at a whole lot more shit to buy than just this week's releases:

Detective Comics #822 looks good, though I'm hoping Paul Dini will get a regular ongoing artist before too long.

The Exterminators: Bug Brothers TP has me hopeful, as I passed on this Vertigo series from the very beginning but have heard more and more positive buzz as time has gone on. This is a cheap way to see how the book's been developing and I'm happy to give it another shot.

Dusty Star #1 finally comes through from Image, and I remember Rick Remender shitting his pants over how good this was, so I'll be sure to pick it up. The subject material - cowgirls and robots? - really worked well in Kazu Kabuishi's Daisy Kutter miniseries two or three years back, so it's got a lot to live up to, but I'm enthused to give it a shot.

Emissary #2 should be fun - I enjoyed the first issue quite a bit. Plus, it's writer Jason Rand and artist Juan Ferreyra, the legendary Small Gods team, which is a lock for me.

Invincible #34 hopefully keeps up the great gust of life this book has hit over the last two or three issues. Really enjoying this book these days, a lot. Comes out with Image's other fantastic super-hero book, Noble Causes #22.

Punisher MAX #36 wraps up the Barracuda storyarc, and it'll be fun to see how we'll get to the opening scene from the arc (two words: feeding frenzy) from here.

Archaia Studio Press brings us David Petersen's Mouse Guard #4, which is probably the book I'm most excited about this week. It's no secret how much I love this friggin' series. (Also, there's an eight-page preview at Newsarama, for those interested...)

Kyle Baker's awesome Nat Turner gets its first two issues collected in Nat Turner Vol 1 TP, and while I'll be passing on it - already own this material - I'm looking eagerly forward to more of this story coming out.

Carla Speed McNeil's excellent Finder series brings out a new trade collection from Lightspeed Press, titled Finder Vol 8: Five Crazy Women TP. Is this the first collection from her internet work? A while back now I remember her saying she was ending the printed serial installments and just publishing OGNs, with the "chapters" or whatever being available for free on the Lightspeed Press website.

Neil Kleid's epic "Jewish gangsters in New York" book, Brownsville, gets a very very affordable trade paperback from NBM this week, and it's probably worth picking up. I haven't gotten all the way through the hardback I bought a while ago, but I sure liked the preview I got to read before any of this came out.

Jeff Brown really, really pissed me off with his last book, but I Am Going To Be Small seems to be a humor thing, and I think that's how he functions best - my favorite work of his is still Miniature Sulk, and this looks like it might be along those lines. But I'm definitely not buying it blind. Gonna have to read some, first.


Oh, and I'm listening to a new musician I really like. His name is Bill Morrissey - I heard him doing a soft, croaking cover of a Mississippi John Hurt song and tracked him down to what many say is his best album, Standing Eight.

Now, that's an awesome name for an album to begin with, for those who catch the boxing reference. But the strength here is mostly the lyrics, which Morrissey delivers with a voice dried and drawn with alcohol and wistfulness. One of my favorite bits is the opening verse of the album, from the song "Handsome Molly":

I park my cab on Water Street
Waiting for a fare,
Watching young girls in their first heels
Step like colts across the square.
Fire on the ocean,
Thunder on the sea.
I think of handsome Molly
Wherever she may be.

Good stuff for those who like their songwriters to be storytellers.


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