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Monday, May 08, 2006

Mouse Guard #2

Ooh, boy - lots of folks seemed pissed about last week. Lots of crybabying about how nothing good came out.

None of 'em must've read Mouse Guard #2, I guess.

The story gets richer as we're introduced to two new characters - Sadie, an innocent but determined soldier of the Mouse Guard, and Conrad, the peg-legged salty badass in charge of the beach outpost of Cagolero. We learn a little more about the plot against the mouse town of Lockhaven, and we get an awesome mouse-on-crab fight that closes the issue.

It's a fun, exciting issue, with quickly-established and charismatic characters, and David Petersen's artwork has - as if it were possible - gotten even more gorgeous.

God bless this book.


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