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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tread Forth

Ugh. Expect a rough week of posts. I'll do my best to pick this up tonight and get some real content going, but on top of the rugged hangover yesterday I've got a manly cold slapping me around this morning. Work schedule's all fucked up, too. I'll do my best.


Daredevil #84 continued the streak last week. Brubaker seems to've remembered how to really jam it all in with every script; there's a lot going on here, as there has been in every issue of the run so far. Best book Marvel's putting out, now.


Read the reprint of Silver Surfer: The Rebirth Of Thanos last week and now I'm absolutely apeshit for more Jim Starlin's Thanos work. I then went back and re-read The Infinity War and was shocked to realize how similar I think it is, stylistically, to Infinite Crisis. Both totally full of wild, spiraling plot threads and guest appearances, many of which turn out to have little application to the story, but seem to be included anyway because (A) they're just really goddamn fun and lend a critical sense of chaos to the event, and (B) of course, they allowed a bunch of tie-ins to increase sales. I had a lot more fun with Infinity War, perhaps because I've always been more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan, in terms of the super-heros. When I see a big fight splash page with Rogue and Nova exchanging blows, it doesn't matter to me that neither of them has a single line of dialogue in the series; it's just fun to see them fight, and I already know who they are. Part of my problem in reading Infinite Crisis has been that, most of the time, I don't have the foggiest fucking idea who any of these people are. Superboy Prime coming back from the dead with the Anti-Monitor armor meant exactly zilch to me.

Anyway, my whole thing now is tracking down more Jim Starlin. Especially more Thanos.

Yo, Marvel! You've still got Silver Surfer #39 through #50 to publish in trade! Hook me up!


Been having some fun building up to the Pete Mortensen Challenge, over on Your Mom's Basement, despite Pete's desperate crap-dump in the closing days of April. May should be interesting.


And Fossen's back!


And there's a great picture of J-Rod in his post for today.


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