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Thursday, April 13, 2006

APE Decompression, Day Four

Whew, doing a lot of writing this week.

I've got artwork posted now for Gone But Not Forgotten, which I reviewed on Tuesday. Here's a sample; click it to check out the rest.

I'm out of ranting about the con for today, and I need to take a one-day break from the reviews.

Tomorrow, I'll be looking at my two favorite finds from APE 2006. One book, I came to the con determined to find, and it not only delivered on my hopes but brightened my day considerably more than I could have predicted. The other took me completely off guard, blind-sided me with its awesomeness, and I'd never even have found it if not for Molly.

For now, I really need to go get the new Shaolin Cowboy.

But tomorrow, the Best Of APE 2006!
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