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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

APE Decompression Wrap-Up

For those who may have missed my whirlwind of APE Decompression coverage last week, here's a quick post to link you all around:

Thoughts and responses to the convention itself:

APE Decompression, Day One
APE Decompression, Day Two
APE Decompression, Day Three
APE Decompression, Day Four (includes preview art from Gone But Not Forgotten)

Reviews of my APE stash:

APE Decompression: Cry Yourself To Sleep
APE Decompression: Gone But Not Forgotten
APE Decompression: The Nearly Infamous Zango
APE Decompression: A Late Freeze
APE Decompression: Fragile Prophet (Best In Show, books I came looking to find)
APE Decompression: Burying Sandwiches (Best In Show, books I discovered at the con)


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