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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tomorrow's Stash

My list, by comparison, is really fairly small this week.

I'm still a Scott Pilgrim virgin, so I'll likely hold off on the new one until I crack and get the first volume.

(Scott Pilgrim fanatics are surely banging their heads against the computer screen in frustration, but I'll tell yez the truth right now: you've built it up too much. So I'm taking some decompression time to let the hype flow back out to sea, and then I'll read the damnded thing, swear to God.)

What I'm planning on getting, then, is:

Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #18 - I think the series is holding up surprisingly well with the addition of Supergirl. The whole "this is obviously a marketing gimmick" thing is panning out okay, and the book remains fun and spirited.

Daredevil #85, of course. I could barely restrain myself from reading the advance copy last week in the store.

Last Planet Standing #2, per my enjoyment of the first issue. I'm just gonna keep my head in the sand, enjoying this nice, self-contained GIANT EVENT THAT LEAVES NOTHING THE SAME EVER AGAIN all by myself.

She-Hulk #8, duh.

Conan: Book Of Thoth #3, though I still want to see just how evil and dangerous this Thoth-Amon can be. Come on, Busiek, you can do it!

Then there's a few books I wanna share extra advance-lovin' for:

Image comics has Negative Burn #1 coming, the first in an ongoing return for the classic anthology series, which is going to be rolling out material from Phil Hester and Eric Powell (whose story I read in a preview - it's fucking hysterical) and Evan Dorkin and all kinds of awesome fuckin' people. Can't wait for this one.

Lobrau Productions is releasing Toupydoops #2, complete with a preview at their website. I'd been looking forward to the series since its solicitation, and I'm sure you'll remember how much I enjoyed the first issue. Here's looking forward to plenty more!

Then there's Silent Devil Productions' Death Comes To Dillinger #1 (of 2) , which I've also been looking forward to for a while. The pitch? "It's the Old West. Death is a drifter, and when he rides into town, it means somebody is going to die. This time, he's parked at the saloon in Dillinger and the local banker is convinced Death is there to claim his ill daughter. The banker will attempt to stop the inevitable, even if he must confront Death himself." Plus, it looks like this:

--and has several preview pages at both Comicon and Newsarama.

So, yeah - should be a fun week.


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