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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Toupydoops #1 and other developments

Toupydoops #1 is a book I've been waiting for since... let's see, some quick backlogging... January, when it was solicited. Creator Kevin McShane pointed me to an eight page preview, which I promptly read, whereupon I quickly pre-ordered the book.

I described the concept at the time like this: The concept here, see, is that Hollywood is the playground of the comic book industry. People don't want to be in Steven Spielberg movies; they want to be in Superman comics.

And upon reading, I see I had that just about right. Our titular hero, a charming doofus with antennae coming out of his head, is auditioning for a role as the new Superman villain, so he packs up hearth and home and moves to Hollywood.

Basically, the book delivers on everything I imagined it should. The wide array of characters introduced here is funny and interesting, playing on familiar tropes with new executions. As I expected, McShane continues to use each page as a distinct scene with its own beats and message, so the book feels like a thick read. At the same time, each of these beats does move the reader further into the developing story, without feeling jerky or formulaic.

A whole story gets told in this first issue, and it opens the series up nicely for future exploration. It's a well-crafted, funny and charismatic launch, and I'll be looking forward to future issues.

Oh, and it's not a super-hero parody. Thank Christ for that.


In further evidence that he's been drinking too much (as if the puddles and stains weren't enough), Larry Young releases the entirety of AiT's upcoming Continuity graphic novel in a free, online PDF for all to see.

I've got mine.

(This'll make a nice bit of evidence for those of us who think, for example, that illegal music downloads are good for music sales, won't it? Cheers to Larry for putting his balls on the chopping block to prove a point. It's about time somebody did.)


New Comics Day! Here's what I'm planning to pick up, from my post on the MillarWorld shopping list thread:

All Star Superman #3 - been a really fun read so far.
Lucifer #72 - Jesus, I can't believe this awesome series is wrapping up. "I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go."

Hysteria One Man Gang #2 - Really enjoyed issue #1 a few weeks ago; my full review (with artwork) is here. Fun, insane comics that would probably appeal to all you "fight comics" folks, to borrow Ellis' phrase.

Invincible #30 and Walking Dead #27 - Both books seem to have picked up a second wind lately after slow patches. Looking forward.

Books Of Doom #5 - Brubaker goodness. Not enjoying this as much as his Daredevil (which is among my favorite titles at the moment), but still really solid characterization.

Daredevil Vol 13 The Murdock Papers TP - Catching up on the lead-in the the Brubaker run, where I've picked the book back up.

Thing #5 - Another of my favorites. Issue #4 was the best yet, so I've got a feeling Slott's on a roll.

Surrogates #5 - Been following this for a while; one of the only books Top Shelf publishes in serial form, eh? Cool world-building based on an alternate history where surrogate bodies have replaced the act of leaving your home.

Or Else #4 - Curious to read this after seeing Graeme McMillan rave about the writert/artist's other work. I'll take a look.

Sea Of Red Vol 2 No Quarter TP and Strange Girl #7 - on the fence with these. I think the Sea of Red trade is the one with Paul Harmon artwork, so I'll likely check it out. But I'm getting all my best Rick Remender love from Fear Agent, which I think has really picked up in the latest issue.

Essential Arsenic Lullaby Vol 2 Donut Cometh TP - Very happy to see this one! I've got volume 1 and discussed it for my very first Quality Control review way back in July. Hysterical stuff, really, but you need a really filthy sense of humor.

And of course, there's Boom Studios' Zombie Tales: The Dead #1, which I reviewed yesterday.


A voicemail reminder that, thank Christ, I'm not grown up just yet:

"I love you, bitch. Sean, I'm gonna treat your mouth like a butthole... bitch. Okay. I'm pretty wasted right now, so I love you guys. And that's the truth. I love you. *click*"


The latest development in Kirkman's hand-over-foot takeover of Marvel Comics: Marvel Zombies #1 goes back for a fourth printing, with the alternate cover I've been waiting for (finally!):

That's some nice Hulk love, right there. Shit, I'd buy that poster.


The latest cool-series-publisher-switch-up - why does that seem to be happening so much lately? - has Arvid Nelson's Rex Mundi moving from Image to Dark Horse. I've been enjoying the series thoroughly since jumping on board: I was waiting on trade collections until Small Gods artist Juan Ferreyra took up the book, and promptly signed up to support who I think is a major upcoming artist.

This sounds like good news to me - comes complete with a movie deal that should keep some monetary pressures aleviated for a while - and Dark Horse editor Scott Allie sounds really passionate about the book. So the creators can refocus on just producing the work while Dark Horse takes care of the business end? Sounds pretty goddamn sweet.
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