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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Coming clean

Blog's been a little light this week, yeah?

Few reasons.

One: Just not feelin' it. Sometimes the hype of everything just sorta wears me out and I've got to get more into my own, flesh-and-bone, non-internet thing for a minute. I'll rejuvenate, sure, but there's an ebb and flow to this sort of thing, at least for me.

Two: I'm trying to write something else. A couple somethings else. Splits one's focus a bit, doing that. Some guys - pros, all - are really good at it. I've still gotta learn.


Oh, fuck yeah. We went last night. I hope I can make it again... Nothing quite like seeing two guys pound the shit out of each other with some skill, some finesse, and some guts.

You guys gotta get out there and check this shit out. What a night!

So, yeah: I'm working on it. Right now, I wanna just get out there and buy my damned comics!


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