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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Noble Boy: On my "oh hell yeah" list

Seriously, how pimpin' is this art from Noble Boy, the new project mentioned in the two part interview Newsarama just did with Scott Morse?:

Slightly less pimpin', however, is the total lack of reference to Everest, the 12-issue series with Greg Rucka that Oni announced, like, two years ago...

On the pimpin' track again is "Am I Wrong?" from Keb Mo's self-titled album. Really, there're a lot of good songs here, but "Am I Wrong?" is truly pimpin'.

I'm listening because I brought the "best of the box" disc from Martin Scorsese's blues documentary soundtrack thing over to Kimo's (my new bar) the other day. The disc was a fuckin' blast - everyone in the place was groovin' to it - but I'd forgotten just how much I like that one song.
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