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Monday, October 24, 2005

Top Shelf Week: SuperF*ckers #1 (aka #271)

SuperF*ckers, to my surprise, seems to be a new ongoing series from James Kochalka, on one level an irreverent piss-take on modern super-heroes, and on another level simply a new set of characters and disgusting jokes and scenarios for Kochalka to have fun with. It's a full-color book based on a sixteen-panel grid, and issue #2 (a.k.a. issue #273) seems to be coming out this Wednesday.

There's really not that much to say about this. It's just funny as hell. It's a team of super-heroes sitting around the house, treating each other like shit, getting high on whatever they can find. They remind me of my old roommates, back when I was going to college in Washingston state. Everyone thinks they're the important one, and the one who's truly the most important is just the one who acts like the biggest asshole. In my old apartment, it was Rob's bitchwhore girlfriend, Amy. In the Super Fuckers, it's Jack Krak.

Discerning readers will remember Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's mini-comic, Mr. Nile: The Illustrated Bastard (those who don't will want to go to Goodbrey's website,, and correct this); in that comic, there's a tale called "The Bad King Fu" in which a stubborn would-be student convinces the teacher that he is can handle the Bad Kung Fu because "I am Double-Diamond-Balls Hard Bastard!" Jack Krak takes a page from that book, pushing his roommates around and getting away with it because "Nobody controls Jack Krak! Jack Krak is the motherfucker!"

Cracks me up, anyway.

If that's not enough for you, Krak also pisses himself to prove what a wuss his teammate is, and a weird mushy goblin thing sends his tumor up the drainage pipe to deliver a love-poem to the most beautiful SuperFucker (with sexy results!), and a would-be SuperFucker takes too many performance drugs before the team's tryouts and havok ensues.

This is a jam-packed comic, with a lot of laughs per page. I'll be picking up issue #2 (uh, that is, #273) this Wednesday for sure. I have a feeling it'll be a fine jumping on point for new readers, as well.

See you tomorrow, folks.


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