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Friday, October 28, 2005

Deschutes Brewery: Making life better

Ah, the Deschutes Brewery. Those brilliant sonsabitches have been making some of my very favorite beers for years. So it was a moment of joy last night, at my local Bev' Mo', to realize it's that time of year again:

Seasonal ales are one of my very favorite things. I'll be sad to see Twilight Ale go (until next year), 'cause that's one of my very favorites, but change is a good thing, no?

Anyway, go read a comic. Try Fear Agent #1, that was really good. Brilliant Tony Moore artwork...

...and writer Rick Remender's got some more smokin' pages posted at this Millarworld thread.

Ballsy, action-packed sci fi. I didn't know they made that anymore.


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