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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Giant Monster: Run!

So, Giant Monster, then.

I gotta give Niles some credit: he knows how to write a giant monster story, and he knows how to find artists. Nat Jones is the man:

Like the Monsters book for Marvel, this isn't revelatory or groundbreaking except in the sense that it knows exactly what it is and what it wants to do. With books coming out left and right that don't stick to their roots, trying to legitimize their pulpy backgrounds by ignoring them, it's refreshing to see some work that revels in its pulpiness so much.

This is a great Giant Monster genre story, with the little kids who see him coming out of the water (who hopefully will play a roll in saving the day when the second and final issue comes out), the personality of the monster's first "victim" (you'll understand when you read it), the General Ross character, the cameos by minor characters given just enough development to make their sudden, gruesome demise a bit more personal... and, frankly, the Giant Monster Destroying Stuff. There's a lot of energy popping off these pages, and it makes for a really fun read.

There's also a Dave Johnson variant cover out there somewhere, if you believe Steve Niles' website, so there's some icing on the cake...


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