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Monday, August 21, 2006

Soldier Forth

Many thanks to James and the crew for an excellent party last Wednesday, and to Darick Robertson for being such a cool guy and drawing such amazing work. You guys have no idea how awesome it was just to see the super-hero beatdowns coming to life on the page right in front of me.

Anyway, a great time was had by all, due in no small part to Smoke and Guns writer Kirsten Baldock and her heavy pouring hand. Kirsten celebrated a birthday on Saturday, too, and I just wanted to throw a shout-out her way for being such a classy lass. Cheers!


Keep an eye on the Your Mom's Basement forums, 'cause good buddy Ash Aiwase (he of the fabled Pete Mortensen Challenge) and I have some plans for this week, which we'll be kickstarting later today.

And while I'm thinking on it, I wanna give Steve Higgins some credit and love for bringing the comics passion to YMB like nobody's managed since the Ash & Morty days of May.


Good aul John Voulieris (voo-lee-air-iss?) has a great All The Rage column this week, getting me good and excited for Peter Milligan's upcoming work, "an upcoming Wildstorm series entitled The Program, as well as a new Vertigo series called The Bronx Kill."

Somehow, the Vertigo thing in particular has me feeling all juicy and delicious. Milligan's best stuff has always been under the Vertigo banner, somehow, and I can't wait to see him off the big name property comics and back on some original concepts.


Also from John's ATR column this week, how bitchin' is this cover to Boom! Studios' upcoming Ninja Tales?

The overall level of quality on the "... Tales" series of anthologies has been pretty damn high, and they've maintained a strong balance of known talent, rising stars and plucky unknowns. I was a little iffy on adding the "Ninja" concept, but now I'm more excited about this one than any of the others.

Could also help that I just read the newest Usagi Yojimbo trade, too.


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