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Friday, September 09, 2005

Casanova: New "most anticipated book"

Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá on a sci-fi lookin' book about a bad guy, at a reduced price (like Ellis' just-released Fell)?

And this is the ad?

Fucking sold.

Spring 2006?

Fucking pissed.

EDIT: This morning I'm listening to Marbletown by the bluegrass band Blue Highway, which I picked up for a mere six bucks at Amoeba. The vocals are a tad too polished for my taste - I like my roots music with some whiskey and smoke, a weary traveler singing about long days on the road, that sort of thing - but damn, these bastards can play. The instrumental track - "Three-Finger Jack" - is two minutes of some of the best banjo and mandolin playing I've ever heard. Can't stop tapping my toes to this one.

More weekend for you folks, eh? Enjoy it! I'm gonna try and make some money.


  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger zilla said…

    dude i'm w/ you on that casanova add - killer. but damn spring 2006? hopefully i'll still be alive then (kidding... but not really... ha!).

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