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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long time gone...

Okay, I know it for sure now: it's gonna be HARD to update this puppy on the regular now that I'm back in school. I'll do my best... but I can see already it's gonna be fuckin' rough.


Much love to the dear, departed Steve Irwin. A lot of folks seem to've found it fashionable to crack on the half-crazy Australian environmentalist over the last few years, and while I'm not one to stand up and argue about whether he was batshit or not, I always found his show really damned entertaining, and I know he did a lot of good for the animals he loved so much. It's a duller world for his absence.


I will buy the Punisher one-shot, People v. Castle, by Marc Guggenheim and Leinil Yu, for sure.


The best comic book I read last week, which surprised me a little, was Doc Frankenstein #5. No real back-story needed, either - just pick it up and give it a look. It's really good. Newsarama's got four pages of interior art here, if you don't believe me.


You know what? Actually, the best comic book I read last week was Rotting In Dirtville, which I discussed in advance over at the Civil War Survival Guide.

Don't have time now, but I'll try to put up a full review sometime this week...

Short version: you know how horror movies sometimes spend the first half of their screen time building the "normal lives" of the main characters, and it's excruciating to wait and wade through 'cause you just don't give a shit and you'd really rather just have the carnage begin? Well, what it the first half was really, really interesting instead?


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