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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Longest Yard: Screw you guys, I liked it

Here I am with my indie-motivated blog and my reviews that talk about structural elements of blah blah blah, and maybe sometimes I come off as an arty snob. I'm not really sure whether I do or not - maybe I'm kidding myself that this blog is more smartly written than it is - but it's worth taking a moment to share this one point, 'cause goddammit:

I love Adam Sandler!

I'm going to step aside for just a moment and let everyone get the gay jokes out of the way.





Just saw The Longest Yard last night with Molly. And guess what? It was formulaic and silly. And I enjoyed it thoroughly.

See, it doesn't matter that it's silly. Because, of course, every Adam Sandler movie is (well, almost - Spanglish was more kind of unintentionally silly), and the point is that he's charming. He's fun to watch. I like it silly.

And the formula? Frankly, it's one that I really like, and funny enough, it's a formula that preempts a lot of the "Sandler is an idiot manchild who just cares about dick and fart jokes" criticism. The formula is reassuring, it's affirming, it's positive. It's always about Adam Sandler being a jackass who has to grow up. I dunno, seems like it's only the first part that people remember. Partly because that's obviously the funnier part.

The Longest Yard wasn't the best one yet, partially because Chris Rock sucks in movies. I'm sorry, the guy's an incredible standup comedian, but he makes shitty flicks. On the other hand, Nelly was surprisingly good, I have to admit.

At any rate, there it is. I love Adam Sandler movies. I even liked Little Nicky, believe it or not (if only for the sadistic joy of seeing Henry Winkler attacked by a swarm of bees).

Off to buy comics. Cheers.


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