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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Neil Kleid: Pulling my fat out of the fire

I had no content for you today.

Last night - my fourth night on the job - the head bartender went on vacation. Leaving me, brand spankin' new, to tend bar for the entire restaurant.

But it was just a Monday! It was pretty slow, right?

Yeah, I woulda thought so too. But it didn't happen that way. No, it was a Surprise Slam, which was honestly pretty gratifying but left me dead fried when it came to blog time.

Then along came a man named Neil Kleid and all was well.

You might know Kleid from his book Ninety Candles, which got rave reviews at The Fourth Rail last year.

Well, he's workin' on something new. I'm gonna pick it up because I think Neil's a clever guy with some great chops, and because it sounds pretty cool. Here's the e-mail he sent me about it:

Artist Matt Bors and I invite you to view a five page preview of our first collaborative project, THE UNHEROES:



THE UNHEROES is the story of Simon Weiss, formerly known as the Seraph, and the "Power and Loss" support group he attends Tuesdays from 8-10 PM. There, he copes with "god-withdrawal" and blackouts amid a group of ex-heroes and power addicts while searching for a way to become the Seraph once more. But when the bodies of ex-superheroes begin to litter the streets, Simon worries that his blackouts are happening for a reason ­ and perhaps the Seraph is possessing him while he sleeps. He enlists the help of his support group to figure things out and help stop the Seraph... before the Seraph stops him.

"Do gods dream? Some faiths claim the mortal soul returns to god's presence each night, gaining wisdom at the feet of its creator. But what of those who once were gods- what do their dreams tell them? Do they speak of power, loss, emptiness and hope? Or do they fear the power ­ hoping beyond hope that they never have to hunt down another supervillain, fight another serial killer or face another day of loneliness and emptiness?

"Or maybe they just want to talk to someone who can relate.

"Feel free to join them. Front Street Community Center, Room 613. Tuesdays from 8-10 PM."

Then he links to a five-page preview. That preview is here, and features nifty pages like this:

Thanks, Neil!


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