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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Andy Diggle: Ruining my afternoon for sport

So, here I am, minding my own business, reading Andy Diggle's pimpin' of Silent Dragon (issue #1 comes out today), when I open my mouth and blurt out:

See, once I know I'm gonna be at least checking out a book, I try to stop looking at everything about it until it actually comes out.

For example, Silent Dragon? All I needed to know was this:

And like that, I was sold. The rest of it is all noise to me until I've actually got the damn thing in my hands - I'm definitely vulnerable to "buzz overkill" and I know it affects my reading (almost always as a negative), so I try to go head-in-the-sand before that happens.

To which Diggle responds by posting these, JUST TO SCREW WITH ME WHEN I CAN'T GET TO THE COMICS SHOP UNTIL TONIGHT!!!:

So, there you have it. Andy Diggle is a jerk.

And here I am, passing it on to you. 'Cause now I'm a jerk, too.


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