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Friday, July 22, 2005

Paul McCartney: We have to *astonish* them

So, Molly picked up this DVD set of musical performances from Saturday Night Live. Basically, she wanted it because of the Paul McCartney performance of "Hey Jude".

Now, I'd remembered this performance being really good. But we watched it again last night and it's unbelievably good.

Starts out a little mellow, but builds and builds until I'm sitting there on the couch rocking back and forth with my hand in the air singing along. Actually laughing from how awesome it is. It's just fucking HUGE and excited and happy. Paul's totally swept up and electrified by the music; he's so goddamn happy to be playing it. That's a seriously infectious kind of enthusiasm.

I've kind of avoided The Beatles in general because, honestly, the bulk of their Big Hits haven't really grabbed me and I've known a few people who were way too into them and it kinda turned me off.

But if they were anything like this in their hayday? Man, those concerts must have been incredible.

Oh, and there's also a really great sketch where Mike Myers plays Mick Jagger and Jagger himself plays Kieth Richards. Jagger's immitation is hysterical. Then they interrupt the sketch to have some dumbass commentator saying how Jagger's immitation is really good. *sigh* Well, it was still cool to find out the set's got a bunch of bonus sketches. It pretty much doubles the value of the set.
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